How it works

According to the American Medical Association, 50% of all illness is caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. The air in today homes & building contain contaminants such as bacteria, virus, mold, fungi & spores that contribute to many illness:

  • Asthma, Fatigue
  • Frequent cold & flu, Sore thoat
  • Headaches, Runny nose, Dizziness
  • Respiratory allergies, Nausea, etc

The US Government required UV Air devices to be installed in Government building as protection against Airborne Germs, Bacteria, Virus and Mold.

Because UV (Ultraviolet) light is one of the more effective methods to reduce and control Airborne pathogens. For this reason, UV air devices are commonly used in hospitals. Due to viruses are too small to be trapped by HEPA filters, UV light is one of the only ways to eliminate airborne viruses

How does it works?
As an airborne micro organism passes over the UV light, the UV light penetrates the organism’s membrane and alters its genetic material (DNA). With altered DNA, the micro organism will no longer be able to reproduce, rendering it microbiologically dead and therefore harmless. Due to the short life span of most micro organisms, once they lose the ability to reproduce, the population diminishes rapidly and drastically.

No Side Effect
Since the UV light is only directed inside the unit, there are no potential harmful side effects.

Why is it effective?
Sun Innovations Germ/Smell Killer uses this approach. It attacks the sources of pollution directly, thus removing the source of odor and bacteria problems, giving the room a pleasant, refreshing and clean air environment.

- Removes Bad Odor
- Revitalizes the Air
- Low maintenance
- Low Power Consumption
- No chemical used
- Save on labour cost

Recommended applications
- Toilets
- Hotel room& smoking room
- Pubs & Karaoke
- Restaurants & Kitchen
- Hospital & Clinic
- Aged Homes & Childcare Centres
- Garage Centres
- Fastfood chains & Food courts
- Food Industries